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What is a Musical

'Genre' Reveal Party?

A play on the traditional 'Gender Reveal' (typically used by parents to announce the biological sex of their baby), this party is to celebrate me (as a musician) finally figuring out what my musical genre is... and revealing it to the world through a livestreamed and collaborative group game.

Why Celebrate a Genre?

Artists are often asked, "What kind of music do you do?" I struggled for a long time to answer that question, because I have a lot of influences and my music doesn't fit neatly into one category, like, 'pop' or 'rock' - for example. So, I always felt like I was lying a little bit when I would tell people the genre of music I made. Not because I wanted to deceive them, but because I genuinely didn't know how to accurately articulate it... yet, I had to say something.

In some ways, not being able to name my genre was a little bit like a mild and ongoing artistic identity crisis.

So, though I am generally of the mindset that labels often do more harm than good... this is one of the exceptions! Now that I can confidently declare my musical genre to the world, I am newly empowered to communicate the kind of listening experience people can expect when they push 'play' on one of my songs... and the more people are interested in pushing play, the more this music gets into the ears of the people it was created for. 

Mission on Earth accomplished. (lol)

Seems like a pretty good reason to celebrate to me!

Plus, games nights are fun - and who doesn't want an excuse to have some fun, right?

How Does It Work?

My musical genre is hidden behind the cards on this gameboard (above)

And the game is simple: 

  1. A panel of special guests will represent the audience as the official ‘Players’

  2. As an audience member, you can influence their choices by posting your suggestions in the chat

  3. They will use your input to answer trivia questions 

  4. Correct answers earn them the chance to flip a card on the game board and submit a guess as to what my genre is

  5. If the Players decode my genre before the questions run out, everyone wins a prize! :)

AND... the game ends after no more than 1 Hour - so, don't worry... you won't be up all night!

AND... after the game ends, I will be announcing the first single to be released off my Elementals EP! (woo hoo!)

Your Host

Special Guests (Players)


Marcus “Bellringer” Bell is an American music producer,  singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

He has collaborated with and  developed some of the world’s  biggest superstars and brands. Credits include: Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, Shelita Burke, Gala, Hadise, Park Jung-Ah, Amitabh Bachchan, Sony Music, HBO, Netflix, Showtime, Discovery Network, Amazon, Warner Brothers, Arista Records, EMI and Universal Music.

Beyond music, Bell is a social media influencer, activist, best-selling author and entrepreneur who has founded numerous initiatives such as the 100 Dayz Impact Challenge and Wealth and Impact Academy.

Hong Kong / Canada

Tennyson King is a nomadic indie folk rock musician from Hong Kong and Canada. 

During lockdowns he released the singles ‘Wild Rose’ & ‘Garden Of Truth’ in collaboration with guitarist Daniel Rougeau (Kaia Kater) and Shawn Mendes’ bassist Dave Haskett. The singles were supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and featured on CBC Q, Sirius XM North Americana, Stingray Music, as well as select college, commercial and community radio stations across Canada. 

Tennyson was selected to participate in the 2020 Canadian Songwriter Challenge to work with Terra Lightfoot, Adrian X (Drake, The Weeknd), and Moe Berg (Pursuit of Happiness).


Kelly Lefaive co-leads traditional French-Canadian family band Ariko and is a violinist, singer-songwriter, and music teacher based in Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada. 

A graduate of the University of Toronto's music program, she is currently a student at Wilfrid Laurier University working towards her Masters of Music Therapy. 

Wildly versatile with a fiddle, Kelly is able to perform anything from classical to mariachi and is a long time creative collaborator of mine, performing on multiple tracks of my upcoming Elementals EP . 

She also has contributed to many other local, national, and international artists (including Chloe Charles and Georgian Bay).


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